Tips For Easy Browsing


A lot of work is now done online. People has turned to computers to make life a lot easy. If you are one of these people, then you likely already have your own habits. But what if you get the chance to learn some tricks to make your internet browsing life much faster and easier? Sure everyone has their own personal browsing style but in this article, you get some tips from professionals on how they go about browsing.

- Use a fast browser. This means NOT Internet Explorer. So if you’re still using that, switch NOW. If you’re using a PC, Google Chrome does the job.

- Learn the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts. If you do not know it yet, you can try and do a quick research online.

- Use tabs and not windows. Meaning, if you want to multitask, it’s better to have more tabs open at the same time rather than windows.

- Bookmark sites that you know you will be using a lot. For some it is wikipedia or dictionary to get information, for others it is social media sites.


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